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from Yelena:

I was terribly disappointed to discover you guys no longer came to USQ on Fridays, but delighted to discover quite unintentionally that you're at the Natural History museum on Sundays - I just happened to be passing by and jumped on the chance to get a chicken since it's easily been two years since I've been able to get one. Now let's be honest: $38 is an objectively ridiculous amount of money to spend on a chicken. However, provided you don't do this just to spite me, I would have gladly paid double that amount for what emerged on my plate last night. I don't know what kind of voodoo magic you do to those birds, but, and pardon the expletive, holy shit that is an amazing piece of poultry! It is like no other chicken I have ever tasted anywhere. I barely did anything to it, just a simple roast, and it was verging on a religious experience to eat it. The nice man manning the booth took care to let me know you're also doing pig, but since the chicken purchase wiped out my available cash (ok, I also bought some milk which I haven't yet tried but which I am looking forward to), I was unable to try your pig. I will definitely be making excuses to sally forth into Manhattan on Sundays during chicken season because eating last night made me wonder why I even bother eating other chicken.

from John:

I just wanted to drop you guys a note that I love your ground beef.  I go to Tasteatery in Fort Lee, NJ for lunch 3 days per week, and every Friday I get the 1/2 Lbs. burger, which is phenomenal.  Your product is without a doubt the best grass-fed, grass-finished burger I've ever had.  It blows away the previous beef Tasteatery sold, and is superior to Simply Grazin's beef, which is the only grass-fed brand that Whole Foods Market in NJ sells (unfortunately).  Your ground beef has such great depth of flavor, and is juicy, but with a clean mouth-feel.  It's fantastic.  I've referred health conscious friends, personal trainers, and even physical therapists.

from Celia:

First off I want to say thank you so much for inviting me to your home for the weekend, It was a great experience and I had a blast. Susan is a gem, what a great lady! I hope I didn't get in the way or slow you guys down too much, thanks for letting me help. I'm still dreaming about the meals, sorry about decimating the chocolate chip cookie stash, they're my weakness.  I look forward to having lots more birds in the future, I don't think I'll be eating any others besides yours ever again. (I wish I was kidding, you guys have spoiled me for life!) It takes guts and so much hard work to do what you guys do, thanks for treating the animals with patience and respect, I've never seen such happy and relaxed livestock. I have definitely never seen more mellow and friendly chickens. Your farm reminds me of the farms in children's books because it's so idyllic. No stench, no screaming cows and bulls, no manure everywhere, no rats in the feed bins, and no filthy animals. It's truly wonderful and your hard work shows. You guys are amazing! I totally get why people come back to visit, I'd love to bring Dan to check it out one day.
Thanks to everybody on the farm for making my weekend one I will remember for a long time.
Please let me know if I can ever help you out from Brooklyn, I'd be glad to.

from Matthew:

I would like to just say thank you for the time and effort you all put into to produce such a great product.  I have really been spoiled by all of the items I buy.  I notice that a lot of the food I ate before just doesn’t seem to have any taste to me.  I often cringe at going to friends barbecues during the summer because I know the food I get there will never compare to what I get from you at the market.  Obviously the better taste is only one of the many benefits of the products you produce and I appreciate that people like Grazin’ Angus make these items available. I just wanted to thank you and everyone else works at the farm because I really do appreciate the process, philosophy, and product that is produced at your farm.

from Ronnie:

After eating your eggs for even a short time, I want to share with you my plan for my travels at the end of the month.  Besides your eggs tasting differently than any other eggs I have ever had (even when I am in Maine and get local eggs there) and the yolk having a bright almost orange color, I feel committed to eating your eggs and I no longer want to eat eggs in a diner or any establishment when they are not yours. I have taken this so far that I am going away for a week at the end of the month to a B & B in Newport, R.I. and they serve breakfast on the house every morning- I am BRINGING your eggs with me so that the inn keeper can serve me the eggs I WANT to eat and not the eggs from the supermarket.

from Jennifer:

Thanks again for our visit to GAA yesterday. The girls had so much fun, and I printed out some pictures for them to share with their class today. Of course, Isabella just had to share my cow poop incident with her classmates. Seeing all the work you guys do made me look at tonight's chicken and think it should cost double. Then today at the supermarket the woman behind me had Perdue, store brand iced tea and a bottle of Kraft BBQ sauce. I just wanted to offer to pay her bill if she'd eat healthier. I was curious how Isabella would feel seeing the chicken and then eat it tonight, and she was quite frank. She said "mommy, this is the same kind of chicken we saw yesterday?". I was honest and said yes, then asked how it made her feel. She said, "well, when I see it with the head on and everything, I feel bad, but it's okay as long as you don't serve it to me that way". She then proceeded to ask for leftovers packed in tomorrow's lunch! Anyway, it was an important trip for me, and I can't wait to post a few photos on the blog too. I've aptly named one "chickens being chickens", so readers can see them doing what they should be doing—grazin' in the grass. Your hospitality, along with Keith and Chip's is always so appreciated, and I love knowing our family's dollars are helping build a future for your grandchildren in return. Thank you for taking on this responsible task and giving us an ethical, clean option to still enjoy meat. And those damn eggs—what more can I say about them? I propose making Got Eggs? shirts with the GAA logo on the back. 

from Jerry:

We had your porterhouse and sirloins for dinner yesterday.  They were delicious.  Lots of flavor with no fatty taste left in your mouth.  The best grass fed beef we have ever eaten, which convinces me that you can have both healthy and great tasting beef.  Your son in law was very helpful and informative.  I’ll definitely need to get up there to see you some time.  If you haven’t read it already, check out Steak: One Man's Search for the World's Tastiest Piece of Beef.  You’ll be happy with the conclusions he comes to in the book.

from Olivia:

I was at the Farmer's Market in NYC today and so excited to see your stand. I recently read The Omnivore's Dilemma and it convinced me of two things: 1. I cannot eat supermarket eggs and 2. I don't have to be a vegetarian if I know where my meat came from and can be assured that the animals and environment were treated with humanity.  It was a pleasure to speak with Chip about your farm and I am excited to become a customer. I bought some pullet eggs and will enjoy them with my family tomorrow at breakfast. Thank you for providing me with this alternative. Living in NYC, I wasn't sure where I could find my source of real eggs and meat. I now know where to find them. While some may say it's insane to spend $8 on eggs, I am confident after reading your website and the Animal Welfare Institutes's information that I am paying for humanity with my protein. After all, not all eggs are created equal. I am beyond excited to have found your farm stand. It's nice to know there are alternatives to Waldbaums and Whole Foods.

from Kerry:

We met last Saturday at the Union Square farmers market. i bought some kielbasa after we chatted a bunch about your practices. i have got to tell you, it is some delicious stuff, and it totally satisfies my innate polish need for kielbasa. I don't eat meat unless its organic and free roaming and really truly good, so I never get to eat kielbasa, as you can imagine. Anyhow, this was a treat, to say the least. My boyfriends' birthday is in three weeks and I wanna buy some killer steaks for us to cook up. Sadly, we do not have a grill, but I read your brochure about how to cook steaks in the oven. I would want two steaks total, and the best cuts you got. Could you bring them to the farmers market for me? Okay, hope to talk soon!  Thanks!

from Ben:

I had to email you as soon as I could to tell you how great the eggs I bought from you are.  Seeing as though I'm a Chef, it automatically makes me a skeptic but damn those are some good eggs!!  I scrambled a few up for breakfast this morning.  Usually I'd throw in a little parm or cheddar for flavor but these I wanted to taste as is.  Good thing because they don't need any extra flavor or richness, they are awesome just the way they are!  I look forward to seeing you at the market.

from Trevor:

Just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to thank you for having Irene, Chase and me up to the farm. We all had an amazing time learning about your farm, and were all heartened by the fact that there are people out there raising livestock the way they should be raised. I've already had the pleasure of eating some of the food I bought from you, and I'm sure you don't need me to tell you how much better it is than the other stuff. The scrambled eggs I had the other day left me fuller and more satisfied and were generally better tasting than any I have ever had. I made some of those thin rib-eye slices last night as well and they were wonderful. They retained the flavor of my marinade better than any meat I'd ever cooked before. And you were totally right about them needing only about 15 seconds on each side to be done. After I thawed them, it took almost exactly that to get them to just the right level of rare.
Again, I'm sure you don't need me to tell you how fantastic Grazin' products are. I will be moving to New York near the end of May and hope to see the Grazin' stand at the Union Square market soon. Thank you and I'll be in touch.

from David:

I just saw a cooking program on T.V. featuring your farm. Stunning. The symbiotic relationship of the grass, chickens, and cows was a real education for me. I am very grateful to have learned from you and I would like to purchase your chickens, eggs, and beef. Thank you.

from Ellen:

I'm writing to say goodbye! We are moving to Seattle. We leave a week from tomorrow. I can't begin to thank you enough for all of the wonderful meat, eggs, and chicken. We were so lucky to be
able to buy food that we were so comfortable eating - we knew it was sustainably raised and safe to eat. And it was DELICIOUS! We will miss you and your food. If you have any recommendations of farmers in Seattle, we'd love it. Otherwise, we'll just head to the farmers markets and start asking questions!
My sister has started buying her meat from you (Chip) on the Upper West Side, so I'm leaving you with a new customer to replace me. All the best to you and your family and thank you, thank you, thank you!

from Valerie and Rene:

A quick note and request from some loyal fans down here in NYC:  Just want to say that now, at the end of the year, we count our blessings that your family's farm and meats have come to our neighborhood. We thank you for all the work put into giving back to the earth and helping us plug-in to this virtuous cycle.

from Peter:

I want to thank you so much for your gracious hospitality.  I was so impressed by the honesty of your farming process.  Your hard work and dedication to the "art", as I call it, of organic farming is truly commendable.  Your family and your business serve as a great example not only to Americans, but to the people of the world.  You are global citizens with a conscience, and as Americans you are blazing a path to create a greater community of people who do care about the welfare of our planet and our country.

from Paul and Mary Catherine:

Hi Dan~ It's Paul and Mary Catherine from the Carroll St. market in Bklyn.  We both enjoy seeing you Sundays and are so happy to have those excellent eggs and cuts of beef. Thank you for raising animals in such a responsible and sustainable way, also thank you for enlightening us to the ecology of food production. That article in the NYTimes last Sunday was an eye opener, which makes us appreciate even more knowing WHO and WHERE our food is coming from.  I'm really tearing into the Omnivores Dilemma, also an eye opener.  Hopefully MC and I can visit your lovely farm sometime.

from Karen:

   You are the only place that I beef from in the entire city.  Today I bought chicken from you and roasted it.  The bird was fantastic!  Thanks so much for the great products you provide and the way you do it.  It's good to know that folks like you all exist and are a success.

from Marc and Blair:

     We thought you might enjoy knowing that our son, who enjoyed your meat while still in utero, is now enjoying it ex utero!

from Avi:

     I bought some marrow bones @ 14th Street Union Square on a Friday a few weeks ago and put them in the freezer. This weekend I made a soup with the marrow bones and the soup turned out FANTASTIC! These bones are the very best!  I hope you are still around on Fridays!

from Billy:

      I've been meaning to drop you a note since Andrea and I saw you a few weeks ago for the first time this season -- we're both so glad that our little local market is back in full swing and you'll be in Brooklyn each week with the best chicken that can be had. I'd read the Omnivore's Dilemma not long before we bought our first bird from you last year, and I remember being excited that a producer who thought about those sorts of things was right around the corner each Sunday morning. And I still am, and it's easy
to be when you can walk home with a chicken so good that you're willing to fire the oven to 500 degrees for an hour in the middle of July because you really want to have it roasted this week.  When last summer came to an end, we'd stop by the local butcher for our chicken fix, but after a few trips
realized that we'd been spoiled (enlightened?) -- our idea of what a chicken tastes like has been fundamentally changed and we decided we'd rather give up "chicken" for the winter and wait for a Grazin' Angus Acres bird. We're getting hungry! See you soon.

from Bea:      

      I am pleased that Grazin' Angus will be at the Union Square market in January.  I had stocked up, but not enough.  I wanted to thank you (and the herd) for that delicious three rib roast that I purchased for New Year's Eve.  It was my first try at a rib roast (with "the fixings" - Yorkshire Pudding and Horseradish Sauce).  That meat was so flavorful.  Everyone raved.  It was a great start to the New Year.

from Peter:      

     Just wanted to send you a note to let you know how much we’ve been enjoying your outstanding meat. The 2 rib-eye steaks I bought at the Union Square Greenmarket were probably the best I have ever had (including the meat I’ve enjoyed in Japan).
     I motored up to your beautiful place 2 Saturdays ago & bought a bit more volume from your helpful staff, and since then we’ve been enjoying excellent brisket, London broil, and sirloin roast. All truly delicious, and much juicier than the grain-fed beef we’ve been accustomed to eating. I couldn’t be more pleased.
      By the way, I served a couple of the T-Bone steaks for my dad’s 87th birthday party (a WWII veteran & hard-core meat and potatoes guy). As luck would have it, my sister in Virginia had sent a box of expensive mail-order Omaha ‘premium steaks’ as a present, so we cooked those too and had an impromptu taste-test. After one bite of each, my father looked up, pointed to your T-Bone, and said, “This is far more flavorful – just don’t tell your sister I said so”.

from Steven:

     Hey Dan/Susan!  Just thought I'd drop you a line and thank you again for a wonderful day. The girls and I are still talking about everything you showed us. It was a real treat and also very educational. I think you guys are doing a good deed in addition to creating a great life style for your family. I'm only sorry I didn't insist [my wife] join us because I haven't been able to convey with words what you guys have created.
    PS - We had flank steak and the Chorizo this week. Loved them both!

from Julia: 

     Thank you so much- the [Grazin' Slim Jims] are delicious! I also wanted to tell you that we had your hot dogs last night for dinner and they were wonderful. We had them with ketchup, mustard and relish, (NOT A1 sauce like New York Magazine says) and we thought they were great with the traditional condiments.  We are so happy to have such good quality meat that tastes so good.  Thank you!

from Hela: 

     From all of us to your family a big thank you for all the work that goes into raising healthy cows and chicken in the way that nature meant it to be...and of course the willingness to please all of our requests is also greatly appreciated.
     Dan and Susan, we just had the BEST dinner we have had in a long, long time... We cooked the spleen lightly with some onions (and salt) on the skillet at medium-high temperature, and that gets the spleen soft and eatable --tender.   For second course we had each a rib eye steak (his medium, mine rare...[our daughter] seems to like it medium) with all the fat and the dogs had some liver, kidney, spleen and ground meat from previous purchase.
     Long story short... we love your meat and organs...we eat it with lots of appreciation for the animals that give their lives for us to enjoy good nutrition and for your hard work.

from Andrea: 

Dan,  I met you at the Farmer's Market (I got the Hot Italian Sausage) and you were so informative and helpful. I went on your website and checked out your farm. I also checked out your bio and I just wanted to give you a major congratulations for choosing the path you did. I am often not inspired by working a corporate job and your bio was very inspiring to me that someone out there chose a different path...and successfully too.

from Jennifer: 

Thank you again for those eggs last Sunday. They were amazing. The beautifully colored yolks almost brought a tear to my eyes.